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PAALER IROH Sand Scraping, Dust Removal, Water Absorption, and Anti-Slip Floor Mat is a newly launched product by PAALER, designed for use at entrances and exits with the combined functionality of sand scraping, dust removal, water absorption, and anti-slip properties.

The textured surface of the mat effectively scrapes off sand and dust from shoe soles while trapping mud and water, keeping the indoor floor clean and dry. The integrated rubber bottom ensures both aesthetics and a secure adhesion to the floor, preventing the mat from shifting or moving.


Daily Cleaning: Daily with upright vacuum cleaner with a brush cleaning.Deep Cleaning: Monthly use carpet pumping washing machine with low foam carpet cleaning agents. Also can use water gun with low foam carpet cleaner to clean, and finally repeatedly washed with water after dry water suction machine, (depending on traffic situation, accelerate or reduce frequency).

Suitable Area:

Suitable for areas in various commercial environments where standing work is required fora long time, such as hotel front desks, cash registers, and reception areas.

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Technical Data

Product name Alo
Material Absorbent synthetic fiber
Size 60cm*90cm, 90cm*150cm
thickness 8mm
Weight/㎡ 2650
Color Gray, Brown
Place of Origin China
Anti-fire class B1

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