Workshop Use ESD Rubber Sheet Antistatic Floor Tile Table Matting

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The main function of the antistatic table mat is to release the static electricity of the human body, so that the electrostatic sensitive device (SSD) in the production is not interfered by the electrostatic discharge phenomenon, thereby achieving the electrostatic protection effect, effectively buffering and avoiding device damage.


Regularly clean with a neutral detergent and dry in a cool place.

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Mainly used in school teaching and physical chemistry laboratory paving the desktop, electronic manufacturing industry assembly line,information industry server host and power room and other environments.

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ESD Rubber Table Mat

       This ESD table mat is made of high-quality synthetic rubber material, with high double-layer composite fastness and long service life. It has excellent anti acid, anti alkali, and anti chemical flux properties. It's wear-resistant, easy to clean, and is an essential anti-static tool in the operation process of electronic products.

ESD floor mat

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