• Characteristics and Applications of Acrylic Fiber

    Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber, also known as polyacrylonitrile fiber. It is a polymer compound formed by polymerization of polyacrylonitrile monomers. Acrylic fiber is a fiber material with excellent performance, widely used in fields such as clothing, industry, and home. This article will i...
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  • Daily Maintenance Methods For Industrial Rubber Floor Mats

    Rubber floor mats are increasingly used in some commercial or industrial fields due to their characteristics of sound insulation, shock absorption, anti slip, and wear resistance. When it is used for a long time, maintenance is required to extend its service life. Today, I will give you some usef...
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  • How to clean the embedded aluminum entrance mat?

            With the development of the economy, many new products have emerged in many fields, and these new products have been widely applied in our daily lives. In some places, we often see various types of floor mats. For example, water-absorbing floor mats, anti fatigue floor mats, rubber anti-s...
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  • Is that better to place door mats outside or inside the door?

    Door mat is a necessary accessory for every home. But how to place the door mat,  should we placed outside or inside the door, many people may have this question. Here, the editor of PAALER Mat will answer your questions! Is that better to place door mats outside or inside the door?  1. Floor mat...
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  • Detailed Introduction For Insulating Rubber Floor Mats

    The use and characteristics of insulating rubber mat Insulating rubber mats are a safety mat designed to prevent electrical accidents, primarily used to ensure the safety of personnel working in high-voltage places such as power plants, substations, and laboratories. This kind of floor mat is mad...
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  • Is that good to put a red mat at the door?

    In home decoration, placing a beautiful red carpet mat at the entrance not only enhances the sense of ritual when entering the house, but also enhances the sense of class and warmth of the entire home. However, choosing a red door mat also requires caution, as there is a large accumulation of dir...
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  • How to distinguish the quality of durable anti-fatigue floor mats?

    There is a significant difference between durable anti-fatigue floor mats and the common floor mats used in our home, we also need to adopt different methods when choosing this type of floor mat. So how to distinguish the quality of durable anti-fatigue floor mats? What is its function? Today, th...
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  • Guidelines For Selecting Floor Mats

    Floor mats, with the improvement of people’s living standards, are increasingly valued by people. They not only beautify home spaces, but also play a role in dust prevention, anti slip, and ground protection. However, there are many types of floor mats on the market, and how to choose a sui...
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  • Do You Know About Shock-absorbing Floor Mats?

    The pace of modern society is getting faster and faster, which increases people’s work pressure and life pressure. Therefore, with the strengthening of health awareness, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities, especially shock-absorbing floor mats. Shock-absorbing ...
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  • How to choose floor mats of different materials?

    How to choose floor mats of different materials?

    Floor mats are an indispensable household item in modern homes. It can not only protect the ground, reduce noise, but also increase the beauty of the home. However, there are various floor mat materials on the market. How to choose a good floor mat? This article will int...
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  • Aluminum Entrance Mat Specifications

    Aluminum Entrance Mat Specifications

    For some public places such as shopping mall, hotels, those places are filled with many people, and in order to keep the lobby clean and tidy, aluminum doormats is a good choice. So how to choose the size of the aluminum entrance mat? ...
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  • Logo Floor Mats

    Logo Floor Mats

    There are many different logo entrance mats which are put in the hotels, shopping mall, office, etc. Logo floor mats are not only pretty impressive, but also can improve corporate image, so the logo mats are more and more popular among commercial places. There are 5 type...
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