High Quality Outdoor Stripe Scraping Matting Roll Entrance Floor Mats Door Mat

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Product description:

Classic linear pattern, super-coarse, absorbent fibers and two-level construction, hides dirt and traffic patterns.


Daily Cleaning:Daily with upright vacuum cleaner with a brush cleaning.

Deep Cleaning:Monthly use carpet pumping washing machine with low foam carpet cleaning agents. Water temperature should not exceed 60℃。

Suitable Area:

Applicable to all kinds of high-flow areas, or areas with high requirements for dust removal and shaving, such as office building door, employee access, warehouse door。

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Product Description

  • The individual filaments and hard filaments are arranged in a striped pattern, creating a strong three-dimensional effect and a neat and stable appearance.
  • The polypropylene wear-resistant yarn used has excellent resilience and strong scraping ability, as well as good water absorption performance.
  • The yarn is dyed with original liquid dye, ensuring long-lasting colorfastness.
  • The special PVC backing is durable and non-slip, providing resistance to wear.



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