Dust-removal Sand-scrapping PVC Modular Entrance Mat Floor Mat

Short Description:

1. Interlocking design, and easy to install and maintain

2. Outdoor use, Hydrophobic anti-skid

3. Easy to install and maintain, and can bear carts, etc. without crimping

4. High-heeled shoes can not be stuck passing the mats

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Brief Introduction

Modular floor mat is more and more popular because it is easy to install which you just interlocking pcs by pcs, which save much labors cost. What's more, because of different colors, free combination pattern is available, which can help to highlight the unique style and culture. Inserted carpet is usually used in entrance for dust-removal and sand-scrapping, and hollow type is suitable for hydrophobic and non-slip in bathroom and swimming pools. More importantly, the high heels can pass the floor mat without any problem of being stuck, which attracts more people.

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door mat01
door mat02
door mat03

Picasso modular tile is made from PVC and it is soft, wearable, UV resistant, and temperature resistance from -20°C up to 60°C. Open construction which is easy to drainage water and hide dirt, and can be used outdoors without canopy area. Easy maintenance

Door Mat References

door mat case01
door mat case02
door mat case03

Module scraping tile mat-Picasso Modular tile structure, suitable for the outdoor, suitable for the high traffic situation such as train station, airport, hospital, shopping mall etc..     

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