Factory Rubber Interlocking Anti-fatigue Mat

Short Description:

1. Beveled edges on all 4 sides preventing tripping or accidents when workers back and forth

2. Surface bump design keeping feet confortable

3. Nitrile rubber, oil-resistance, heat-resistance and cold-resistance

4. Anti-fatigue function and relieve the pressure of foot blood circulation and improve the health index of employees

5. Interlocking design, and easy to install according to your site sizes

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Brief Introduction

Nowadays it is very common that many employees need to work for long time standing in factories and workshops such as assembling area, production line and reception. Many countries, especially the North-America and Europe, are paying much attention to the physical health of workers and require the factories equip anti-fatigue mat because on the one hand it can reduce physical fatigue caused by long-term standing work to keep their health, on the other hand it also can improve employee satisfaction in order to increase the efficiency at work. Anti-fatigue mat is made of PVC and rubber for different areas usages.

Technical Data

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Bump on surface







Detailed Pictures

Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat01
Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat02
Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat03

Adopting semi-circular bump structure on surface and rubber material, it can  provide long-term standing workers with comfortable experience to relieve fatigue. Beveled edges on all 4 sides can prevent tripping and accidents. The modular structure of rubber material can flexibly meet the needs of various size.

Anti-fatigue Mat References

Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat Case 03 - 副本
Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat Case 01 - 副本
Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat Case 02 - 副本

Anti-fatigue mat-Best is the most widely used floor mat in factories that requires long-term standing work. Best provides safe and comfortable working conditions for people who stand for long-term work, and at the same time, It can effectively improve employee satisfaction at work relief the physical fatigue caused by long-term standing work, thus effectively ensuring the work efficiency. 

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