Heavy Duty Aluminium Entrance Matting for Hotels

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The unique rubber strip connection structure of antais is different from the steel wire rope connection mode of traditional aluminum alloy floor mat, which is durable and beautiful.


The closed structure can be cleaned directly with a vacuum cleaner; The hydrophobic structure is washed with a vacuum cleaner or water gun.

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Available for high traffic area,hotel,shopping mall,commercial plaza,airport,quay etc.

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Aluminum entrance mat is the best floor mat which can effectively protect people from slipping to the ground resulted from wet areas and can keep the dust and dirts from entering the shopping mall, hotels or offices, etc. What's more, aluminum door mat can save much cleaning and maintainance cost because the more the dust and dirt are prevented outdoor, and the less the cleaners needed, and longer the life of building floorcovering. Aluminum floor mat can also be passed by wheelchairs, lifts truck, baggage trolley, shopping trolleys, prams. Recess type with L shape or straight frame and non-recess type with stepping frame on the floor for your choices.

Technical Data

Aluminum Door Mat-Antas drawing

Entrance Mat Details

Aluminum Floor Mat Structure
Aluminium Profile Mats02
Aluminium Profile Mats03

Antas is more durable because connected by unique rubber strip which is different from the traditional aluminum alloy floor mat with wire rope connection. Aluminium entrance mat-Antas is divided into 2 type: seamless connection and connection with hole for water-drainage

Aluminum Door Mat References

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The Aluminum Entrance Mat can be inserted with nylon, pp, brush and rubber mat or mixed all choices on one piece, and also the size can be customized according to actual needs.  The aluminum entrance mat is with more stronger dust-removal and sand-scrapping and widely used in commercial places such as hotels, shopping mall, airports, office building, etc                                                                                                            

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