Deodorant Water Absorption Pee Pads Urinal Splash Mats For Men’s Bathroom

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Product description:

Paaler patented urinal pads for men bathrooms. Moisture-absorbing cloth can lock dripping urine, and which the bottom is waterproof to avoid corrosion of marble floors. Its skeleton avoids secondary pollution of urine when feet are stepped on.


Replace the cloth once 2-4 weeks

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Men’s Bathroom

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Brief Introduction

  • Special PP material skeleton carrier with a dense and hydrophobic drainage hole structure, featuring anti-mold and anti-odor properties.
  • The bottom of the skeleton is fixed with special strong moisture-absorbing material, which can quickly absorb urine and prevent it from seeping into the ground, keeping the floor dry.
  • The special moisture-absorbing material at the bottom can absorb and lock in odor and moisture, effectively reducing the unpleasant smells in the bathroom.
  • The special moisture-absorbing material and skeleton are fixed with snaps, making it easy to replace the special moisture-absorbing consumables.
  • It is installed under the urinal in men's restrooms to collect urine that drips outside the urinal.
  • Under normal circumstances, the special moisture-absorbing material only needs to be replaced once a week without any cleaning or other operations required.

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