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Unique carpet surface material, excellent anti-slip performance, strong sand scraping ability,can be used for long-term outdoor laying, anti-ultra violet durable color, Scrape away dust, grit and moisture from soles, making your passages cleaner, safer and better looking..


Daily cleaning: Daily cleaning with an upright roller vacuum.Deep cleaning: Monthly cleaning with a carpet extractor and low-foaming carpet cleaner. it can also be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun and a low-foaming carpet cleaner. Finally, it is repeatedly cleaned with water and then dried with a water absorber. After cleaning, it is best to dry it with a dry fan (speed up or reduce the frequency depending on the flow of people)

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It is suitable for various business environments and high-traffic areas, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, apartments and other entrances and exits.

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The blanket surface is made of PVC coated with high strength PET material, with special treatment, strong wear resistance, durable elasticity and durability. Tufted ring structure, sand blowing anti-skid, rain still has excellent anti-skid performance, high color fastness, outdoor laying can resist ultraviolet, durable, can be used in all kinds of regions, weather.

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