Professional Nylon PVC Matting Roll Entrance Flooring Mats Doormat

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Product description:

Classic linear pattern, super-coarse, absorbent fibers and two-level construction, hides dirt and traffic patterns.


Daily Cleaning:Daily with upright vacuum cleaner with a brush cleaning.

Deep Cleaning:Monthly use carpet pumping washing machine with low foam carpet cleaning agents. Water temperature should not exceed 60℃。

Suitable Area:

Applicable to all kinds of high-flow areas, or areas with high requirements for dust removal and shaving, such as office building door, employee access, warehouse door。

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Product Description

  • Dual fiber carpet matting for indoor applications features crush resistant fibers that scrape off dirt and nylon fibers that remove moisture.
    1. Designed for Heavy traffic conditions of up to 1,000,000 people per year.
    2. Combines nylon fibers for drying and polyproylene fibers for superior scraping
    3. Dual fiber and random pattern hide salt, dirt and debris until it can be removed.
    4. Solution dyed fibers resist fading and staining and keep the mat looking good longer
    5. Flexion vinyl backing will not stain the floor and prevents dirt and moisture from reaching the floor.
    6. Low profile allows foot, cart and wheelchair traffic to move easily over the mat.
    7. Loops arranged in random patterns hide from soil
    8. Large fibers remove dirt
    9. Small fibers absorb excess water
    10. Flexion vinyl backing protects floors from dirt and helps reduce mat movement.
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